Eroad is a New Zealand company which is the first in the world to deliver an end-to-end electronic Road User Charge (Eruc) system for heavy transport trucks and trailers. This is displayed on a unit called an Ehubo.

To do this Eroad use a speed sensor unit, and this is achieved on heavy vehicle trailers using a part manufactured by IHL called a ‘poll wheel’. As the wheel rotates, the poll wheel ‘teeth’ go past a sensor which reads the speed. The sensor block is also made by IHL.

In 2010 Eroad won the New Zealand Hi Tec Awards ‘best product’ and ‘best service’ categories, and from there have gone on to be the the largest provider of Eruc in New Zealand. Currently the Eroad system is being trialled in Europe, Australia and by the US Department of Transportation. The IHL poll wheel system is part of this success.

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