Bosch Rexroth Australia

Bosch Rexroth is a multi-disciplined engineering company specialising in Drive and Control products and systems solutions. There are two divisions within the group – Hydraulics and Automation.

These divisions work closely together ensuring a total solution to any Drive and/or Control application.The Favelle Favco job was commissioned by Bosch Rexroth Australia and included a wide range of manifolds designed and built by IHL.

Project: Active Heave Compensation (AHC) for subsea operation
Crane Manufacturer: Favelle Favco Australia
Crane Type: PC250 winch luffing
Lift Capacity: 100 tonne – single line pull, 80 tonne @ 700m sub sea in 3m wave with a 12 second wave period, Rope line speed 20m/min with a 76mm diameter rope.

Main winch installed power is 2700 kW which is 10 drives @ 270 kW per drive. The drives consist of Brevini gearbox assemblies and Rexroth A4VSG355DS1 secondary control units.

The secondary control systems require a pressure compensated supply, this is achieved by 4 x A11V0260 pumps fully boosted and supplying a 375L high pressure accumulator (this accumulator is 400mm dia x 4500mm long with 12 x 75L backup nitrogen bottles) while the boost or low pressure accumulator is 200L (this accumulator is 500mm dia x 1800mm long with 5 x 50L backup nitrogen bottles).

This system is required to achieve the high acceleration rates of the winch drum, rope and load during the subsea lifting phases.  This crane is also fitted with a 25 tonne AHC winch as well and this sits 3.5m above the main winch.

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